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Eco Works – Start Now for The Future
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EcoWorks Jamaica

supplies products and services of the highest standard
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EcoWorks products allows everyone to save

MoneyWaterand Energy

Dyson Airblade

Hand Dryers


The products we supply have both commercial and domestic applications.


Save of approximately 45,000 gallons of water per year.

Eco Tips / Facts

Keeping our waterways clean. Don’t put chemicals or other pollutants in our lakes, rivers or sea.

Remember that trash left carelessly will get washed away into the rivers or sea.

Plant trees – Trees improve our environment by cleaning the air and conserve water by providing shade.

Conserve energy – Turn off lights and appliances/electronics when not in use.

Reduce, reuse, recycle – and encourage others to do the same!


The world is changing and the natural resources of our planet are dwindling – that’s an  unavoidable fact. As we approach the next 20 years, this small company in Jamaica stands in a prime position to be one of the leading ‘game-changers’ when it comes to innovative methods of reducing our energy and water consumption.

EcoWorks Jamaica supplies products and services of the highest standard, integrity and quality that will promote change in our daily lives, so that we can best handle our resources for generations to come.

EcoWorks products allows everyone to save Money, Water and Energy by providing energy saving and natural resource preserving initiatives.