Eco Responsibility


EcoWorks sees energy conservation and spreading the knowledge of environmental awareness as key to the sustainability of our existence.

It is said that in the not too distant future, ‘Wars will be fought over Water’ therefore, it is absolutely imperative that we use this natural resource wisely…do

not overuse, but conserve and recycle whenever possible.


  • To promote change in how we handle our resources
  • To provide innovative solutions that reduce energy and water consumption
  • To supply products and services of the highest standard and integrity


It is important to note who needs the services provided by EcoWorks Jamaica. We see it as our corporate responsibility to enhance not just businesses, big and small, but also medical facilities, entertainment venues and events, factories, sport arenas, stadium, restaurants, schools, colleges and universities, bus stations, train stations and hotels.


EcoWorks is committed to taking an active roll in changing the environmentally unsound behaviours of our citizens through education.

One of the first things we need to do is not take our limited resources for granted and respect their importance.

We do this by spending time educating our clients about why conservation and preservation are important and provide them with pamphlets on thought-provoking

statistics about the environment and how the products we sell tackle these concerns.

It is crucial to start with children and teach them about recycling and conservation. It is often the children that instigate their parents to conserve and ‘go green’ at

home after learning about pollution and recycling in school. Developing environmental consciousness at a young age is the best insurance and most cost-effective

way to ensure that Jamaica keeps its natural beauty.

We have an informative programme where we go to schools and speak to children about water conservation with our EcoWorks Mascot, ‘Eco-Dread,’

informing students about:

  • recycling
  • pollution
  •  demonstrate