(link to Waterless No-Flush Urinals)

Will the Waterless Urinal smell?

No! Urine is sterile and odourless when dry. The design of the Waterless Urinal promotes quick

drying and the EcoTrap and the covering BlueSeal system prevent odours coming from the urinal

drain, so there are no offensive smells.

Why should I invest in a Waterless Urinal?

Because of the benefits – it improves restroom hygiene and cuts your costs on water and


• Will you come to our location and do a cost analysis?

Yes, call or email us for an appointment.

• How do we know your products will be cost effective?

You will be using less in every sense – less water, less energy, no hand towels.

• Do you provide warranty service for the products you sell?

Yes, we provide warranty service for our products provided they are installed by EcoWorks.