Waterless Co. Inc. No-Flush™ urinal Model #2003B Kalahari™ Bottom Drain, wall hung, made of High Performance Composite material (HPC) for commercial or home use.

Urinal to have a full 2” interior drain and 2” flanged waste outlet; suitable for direct connection to a 2” waste at the wall. Supplied EcoTrap® insert required. Trap insert to be of a vertical flow type with 360 degree perimeter openings and installed by press fit. Trap must be replaceable and refillable. Trap inserts are to be removed with a two pronged heavy duty stainless steel tool. Urinal to be fastened at the bottom front using standard bolts from brass urinal flange. The bottom of the urinal is to be fully enclosed.

CODES/STANDARDS APPLICABLE: Complies with ASME A112.19.19, Z124.9, others.

FOR STANDARD INSTALLATION: mount at 24” above finished floor to lip of urinal or as required by architect. Center drain line to be at 15.0” off finished floor.

FOR ADA REQUIREMENTS: mount at 17“ above finished floor to lip of urinal. ADA center drain line to be at 8.0” off finished floor.

Supply suitable wall support, i.e. carrier. Install and maintain as per manufacturer’s instructions.
Urinal 2” drain outlet installs and drains to 2” waste. Retrot or new construction. Use standard sanitation practices to maintain fixture.

Urinal is predrilled to accept most 2” brass flanges from other manufacturer’s urinals in a retrofit scenario. For new construction, specify #5001 brass urinal flange for 2” waste. On site custodial training is to be provided by the manufacturer or their representative. Certicates of training are to be issued and forwarded to the owner. Specify made in USA or Mexico.